Impact of: Nutrishake Andino

We help to fight malnutrition and anemia in children in the rural areas of Peru, through the funding and participation in the implementation of projects from different NGO’s that meet the standards of quality and prestige that we all demand.

The help we do is divided into two types of programs that we handle as a group: “Food for today” – “Food for tomorrow”  and “Food for the future”. 

“Food for today”

It consists of short-term and immediate assistance projects. There are areas in which the indices of malnutrition and anemia rates reach 80%, these need to be attended as soon as possible for lessen the impact in the development of each child. For that we help with food, water, health and hygiene and thus assist in the prompt resolution.

“Food for tomorrow”

It consists of medium-term projects. We seek to train and teach the families all what they can do with the resources they have at their disposal and thus achieve a balanced diet, the family planning of bio orchards and the value and care of the health and hygiene. These projects have a lasting between 6 to 18 months.

“Food for the future”

It consists of long-term projects to. In this projects we seek the economic growth of the communities, involving them closely in the proper crops production of and thus they can obtain and be organically certified, hence increasing the value of them and helping them to make direct contact with companies of Lima and; insofar as possible, out of country. Consequently, the handling of hoarders companies which take advantage of these communities could be avoided, buying them the Andean cereals at a very low price, to then sell it in Lima or abroad at double or triple than originally purchased. We, as a social enterprise, seek to eradicate those managements and always seek a fair price to make the Andean communities may also be benefitted.